Zac Browser, The World’s Favorite Software for People with Autism

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Zac Browser, The World’s Favorite Software for People with Autism

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Over the years, Zac Browser has helped more than 6 million people develop skills and engage with the world around them. With your support, we can transform the lives of more people and help them reach their potential.


We’re In the Spotlight

The international media regularly talks about Zac Browser, boosting our outreach.

We’re In the Spotlight
Jeanette Boudreau O’Donnell
Nancy Rosenberg
Teri Mastroianni
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“My 8 year old autistic son came to me to go on the computer on Sunday. He is non-verbal, so I ask him to point out the first letter of the site he wants to go to on the computer. He pointed to Z, then A, then C. I thought he meant Zach and Cody from Disney. He started getting a bit frustrated until he pointed out ZAC Browser on the Google line (at the top of the computer). I clicked it and lo and behold, there it was.... Your site is an amazing surprise for us. Kiernan is very smart and now he has a place to go on the internet that is less complicated for him to maneuver. I want to personally thank you for this gift to our son and others like him. If you don't know how amazing this is, you will now. We have 6 children, 5 with autism and we cannot always afford to go to sites that charge or buy software. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for this surprise on the internet.”

Jeanette Boudreau O’Donnell Mother of 6 children, 5 with autism
and winner of Extreme Makeover Home Edition
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“Thanks – I now have the Gold version installed! It really is a great program. In addition to using it with my son, I work a lot in the schools and with other parents and I recommend it all the time.”

Nancy Rosenberg PhD, BCBA
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“Zac Browser is resourceful in the areas of assessment and treatment to say the least. Where therapeutic use of self is key while working in the autistic spectrum population, the program provides a perfectly safe place to build that rapport with the child. On another front, it is timely. As computers are a mainstay in our culture, ZAC Browser is also a safe skill-building tool for using and/or introducing technology in the lives of these kids.”

Teri Mastroianni OTR/L